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In The Crease

Is it a coincidence that during the Rangers' recent revival
(3-0-1-0 in their last four games through Sunday), in which
they've finally shown grit and determination, No. 1 center Petr
Nedved has been out of the lineup with an injury?...

Here are two of the NHL's nastiest feuds: 1) Penguins wing
Matthew Barnaby versus Sabres wing Rob Ray. Although Barnaby and
Ray were best friends when they both played for Buffalo, their
battle began after Barnaby accidentally broke one of Ray's new
sticks in practice last year. They fought each other when their
teams met last month. 2) Canadiens center Shayne Corson versus
Canucks defenseman Ed Jovanovski. This started last season after
Jovanovski made disparaging remarks about Corson's family. They
had a vicious brawl during a game this season....

For the first time this decade the NHL will hold an expansion
draft behind closed doors when the two franchises that begin
play in 2000-01, the Columbus Blue Jackets and the Minnesota
Wild, stock their rosters on June 23. Insiders say that with two
clubs participating, the draft should run more efficiently with
no media present to slow the process....

With the recent spate of serious eye injuries--including those
sustained by Mattias Ohlund of the Canucks, who has been
sidelined all season after getting hit in the eye with a puck,
and Canadiens farmhand Trent McCleary, who needed surgery for a
blocked tear duct after getting kicked by a skate blade--the
league should stipulate that players entering the league wear
visors. The players would need to make no adjustment, because
all amateurs are required to wear some kind of eye protection
before reaching the NHL....

Even though Canadiens center Trevor Linden has been a
disappointment on the ice this season (two goals in 25 games),
he has been a solid behind-the-scenes guy who has helped
injury-riddled Montreal's young players keep a positive attitude.