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Super Sites The Web will be in the thick of the action in Atlanta--and you can even play along

If television's coverage of the Super Bowl and its ancillary
attractions seem old helmet, log on to the Web for variety and
gimmicks. Here are some on-line highlights of Super Bowl week.'s Enhanced TV is still a work in progress, but it's way
ahead of the competition in melding the Web and TV. During the
game on-line users can access an enormous statistical database
(updated after each play) or simply have facts and graphics
"pushed" to their desktops. Enhanced TV also will be available
on, and

--Through Sunday night, will take fan picks on
more than 100 Super Bowl events. Example: The over-under on the
duration of Faith Hill's rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner., a high school sports site, has tracked down
the high school coaches of the two starting quarterbacks, the
Rams' Kurt Warner and the Titans' Steve McNair. The site is
posting their reminiscences of the players' secondary school

--Surveying the party scene, will Webcast the
highlights from bashes such as Friday night's official NFL
pre-Supe party. will present audio and text transcripts from
Tuesday's Media Day event, including a Most Inane Questions
section. Starting on Wednesday and continuing daily through
Sunday (times vary), CNNSI football experts will participate in
live chats in which they answer questions from fans strolling
through the CNN Center near the Georgia Dome.

--Noah Liberman