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Original Issue

Heads Will Roll

Alas, Poor Brunswick! Where be your strikes now? Your spares?
Your hooks? Your kick-ass pin action wont to set the lane on a

Forget about improving performance. This isn't the secret to
rolling a perfect game, and it won't make you look like a pro.
Just think of having fun--and seeing a head in the gutter
someplace other than on NYPD Blue.

There can be no other reason for the Skull Ball, a design so
startling in both its macabre look and its pointlessness that
all we can do is crown it cool. Made by Ebonite International,
of Hopkinsville, Ky., the Skull retails for $125 and is ideal
for keglers whose chief concern is turning heads, not running up
their scores. The ball's smooth (some might say bald) polyester
veneer doesn't allow for a lot of spin, so it's best rolled
straight down the middle. For a head's up, visit Ebonite's Web

--Mark Beech