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B/W PHOTO: PHOTOGRAPHS BY LYNN JOHNSON/AURORA THE NATIONAL PASTIMEKids in the Dominican Republic are incorrigible in their devotion to baseball, playing anywhere possible, by any means necessary. Here, in the shadow of satellite dishes that pull in U.S. games, youths in the small town of Bayaguana emulate their hero, Sammy Sosa.

SIX B/W PHOTOS: PHOTOGRAPHS BY LYNN JOHNSON/AURORA STICK-TO-ITIVENESS Poverty is the mother of invention for these Dominican youths, who are pictured with their favorite bats.

B/W PHOTO: PHOTOGRAPHS BY LYNN JOHNSON/AURORA DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH The bat may be a broomstick, the ball may be a rock, and the backstop may be a retread, but the game retains its allure.