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My Shot Caddying for Kevin Costner in the AT&T was a blast, but nothing beats being his partner

I caddied for Kevin Costner at the AT&T Pebble Beach National
Pro-Am in 1997, '98 and '99, and last week I was once again in
his group. This time, though, instead of carrying his clubs, I
was swinging my own as Tin Cup's pro partner.

Kevin has been a friend since I was in high school. Back then my
older sister, Jennifer, was his personal assistant, and he lived
on the same street as my family in La Canada, Calif. When I
attended Southern Cal, Kevin and I played a lot of golf, and he
was a regular in my gallery at college tournaments. After
graduating in 1997, I turned pro and Kevin became my sponsor.

Good thing Kevin's big at the box office because he hasn't
gotten rich off me. My career has consisted of two years on the
mini-tours. I got into the AT&T on a sponsor's exemption because
Kevin requested me as a partner. The tournament was great fun,
but I found myself constantly slipping into caddie mode and
helping Kevin pick clubs and read putts. My play wasn't so hot,
but I salvaged something by birdieing our last hole, the 18th at
Pebble Beach on Sunday.

Our gallery last week was almost as big as in 1997, when Kevin
played with Tiger Woods. On Sunday, during the fog delay, Kevin
gave the audience a show worth the price of admission. On the
6th green he got the crowd rolling with a stand-up routine that
included some clowning as Roy McAvoy, the character he played in
Tin Cup.

Beyond being my sponsor, Kevin has been a great friend. I
remember calling him after making a $2,200 check at a 1998 Nike
tour event. I was thrilled, but he was even more excited. To
Kevin, I'm just like Roy McAvoy: a pro chasing a dream.

Brian Hull, 25, and Costner missed the cut at the AT&T.