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U.S. Figure Skating Championships
ABC 4 PM (men) and 9 PM (ladies) Good news: The WWF has no
interest in launching a figure skating league. Imagine, the
kiss-and-cry couch replaced by a shut-up-and-wax-my-chest,
woman! beanbag chair. Better news: This event is in Cleveland,
and local boy Timothy Goebel is entered in the men's
competition. In October, Goebel, a freshman at Case Western
Reserve, became the first skater to land three quadruple jumps
in one program. The last time anyone in these parts witnessed
such aerial virtuosity, Craig Ehlo was on defense.


UCLA at Syracuse
CBS 1 PM Because Seton Hall handed the Orangemen their first
loss of the season on Monday, UCLA won't have to worry about an
assault on its record 88-game win streak. Still, the Bruins
should be concerned when they pound the snow off their Tevas and
march into the Carrier Dome. Led by pivotman Etan Thomas,
Syracuse (19-1) is looking like a top seed in the NCAAs. Alumni
broadcaster fantasy three-on-three: Marv Albert, Bob Costas and
Dick Stockton (Syracuse) versus Marques Johnson, Ann Meyers and
Bill Walton (UCLA). As Big Red would say, "That's tair-ible!"


Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel
HBO 10 PM A private country club crying discrimination? Officers
of Haverhill (Mass.) Golf and Country Club considered it a most
uncivil action when nine female members, angered by their
restricted tee times and limited use of the facilities, sued
their own club for gender discrimination and were awarded $1.9
million by a jury. Correspondent Bernard Goldberg's report
examines the potential ripple effects for clubs nationwide.


Whatever Happened to Micheal Ray?
TNT 10 PM He was A-number-one. Cream of the crop. Top of the
heap. A fixture in the Big Apple from 1978 to '82, Micheal
(Sugar) Ray Richardson, a 6'5" point guard for the Knicks, had
made it there. Alas, he also fell prey to cocaine there, as
comedian and native New Yorker Chris Rock narrates in this
affecting one-hour documentary. In '86, six years after leading
the NBA in assists and steals, Richardson received a lifetime
ban for drug abuse. "I could have been as good as Magic," says
Sugar, who is 44 and apparently drugfree, "but I guess I'll
never know.

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NBA All-Star Game
NBC 6 PM Remember when William Shatner's backup band consisted
of McCoy, Scotty, Spock, Sulu and Uhura? When The Graduate was a
film, as opposed to just one of the West's five starters (Tim
Duncan)? The star date was 1967 when last the Bay Area hosted
this affair. San Francisco Warriors forward Rick Barry, who now
has two sons (Brent and Jon) in the Pacific Division, scored 38
points in 34 minutes. No Barrys will appear today, but the
Pacific does offer two native Oakland sons, guards Jason Kidd
and Gary Payton (above, in the '98 game). The West, with a
starting frontcourt of Duncan, Kevin Garnett and Shaquille
O'Neal, will have each East star singing a tune of those '67
faves, the Monkees: I'm a Believer.


The Zapper

For many sports fans, the year's shortest month--postfootball,
prebaseball--can be the year's longest. This week's
fill-in-the-gap programming includes the Winter Gravity Games
(NBC, Saturday, 4 p.m. and Sunday, 3 p.m.); the ESPYs from Las
Vegas (ESPN, Monday, 8 p.m.); Championship Ballroom Dancing
(PBS, Wednesday, 8 p.m.); and the Winter Goodwill Games from
Lake Placid (TNT, Thursday and Friday, 8 p.m.)....

Everybody loves Raymond? Not as much as they used to after
seeing CBS shamelessly overexpose its sitcom star, Ray Romano,
on Sunday at Pebble Beach. Watching and listening to Romano
pathetically flail away made us appreciate Bill Murray all the