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February 28, 2000 Table Of Contents

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Golf Plus

The Week Feb. 15-21

High Time Kirk Triplett was thrilled to take a long-awaited star turn, but his first Tour win was not the story everyone expected at the Nissan Open

By Gary Van Sickle

Jerry Rich He built a course just for himself, but now he's committed to giving something back to the game

By Gary Van Sickle


By Jaime Diaz

I Was Proud to Stand with Karsten

By Bob Gilder

My Shot I'm no pro, but I can't cause 6 1/2-hour rounds on three courses all at once

By Ray Romano

Catching Up With...

Ted Lindsay, Hero of Hockey March 18, 1957

By Kelley King

Si View

SI View

By John Walters

Laying off the Pitch

By John Walters

In the Name Of the Father An athlete's first step toward immortality is to name his kids after his favorite person: himself

By Steve Rushin's Air and SpaceSteve Rushin

Pro Basketball

Fresh Vince No one is lighting up the NBA like Vince Carter, but can he continue to soar under the rising weight of expectations and the burdens of celebrity?

By Phil Taylor; David Sabino

College Basketball

Big Mac Attack Looking for hungry players, fierce competition and low-budget, tournament-worthy teams? Did somebody say the Mid-American Conference?

By Alexander Wolff

Motor Sports

Unflagging After emergency repairs to his car on race morning, defending Winston Cup champ Dale Jarrett made a late move that earned him a third Daytona 500 victory

By Mark Bechtel


Against all Odds Diamondbacks righthander Todd Stottlemyre is trying to do what no one before him has ever done: pitch effectively with a torn rotator cuff

By Jeff Pearlman


Boris Good Enough? You bet he was! Players from the former Soviet Union, who 10 seasons ago arrived in the NHL to loathing and mistrust, have made the league bigger, better and brassier

By Michael Farber


Father Knew Best Showing his eye for talent, Trail Blazers coach Mike Dunleavy foretold big things for Mike Jr., a freshman who's delivering in spades for Duke

By Michael Bamberger



Inside The NHL

Inside The NHL

By Kostya Kennedy

In the Crease

By Pierre McGuire

Inside The NBA

Inside The NBA

By Jackie MacMullan; Phil Taylor

Northwest Passage After moving from Houston to Vancouver, Grizzlies guard Michael Dickerson has come into his own

By Marty Burns

Inside College Basketball

Inside College Basketball

By Seth Davis

Brave New World Arizona's Eugene Edgerson is sitting out the season for a good reason

By Seth Davis

Bringing Parents Up to Code

By Rick Reilly


Leading Off


Scorecard Film Flap--Schoolboy Scandal--Muscle Marriages--Yin and Yang of Yangs

By Michael Farber Edited by Mark Mravic

China's Double Double

By Brian Cazeneuve Edited by Mark Mravic

Faces in the Crowd

A Radke-ical Proposal

By John Rosengren Edited by Mark Mravic