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Swim Like A Fish

One of the fastest fish in the Pacific is the wahoo, a giant
mackerel that can swim up to 70 mph. The wahoo is quick for two
reasons: First, it has a fear of lemon juice and drawn butter;
and second, its tail fin is split up the middle. Instead of
pushing water from side to side as it swims, the wahoo forces
water through the slit in its fin, creating greater forward
thrust. A new set of fins uses wahoo tech to help divers not
only swim with the fishes but also swim like them. Bio-fins,
made by Apollo Sports USA, of Everett, Wash., facilitate faster
and more efficient swimming than conventional flippers. Because
bio-fins push water back instead of up and down, they require
just a fluttering of the ankles to produce the power and
acceleration previously attained only by long kicks. The fins
come in two models, PRO ($190) and EX (pictured, $180). For more
information, contact Apollo at 800-231-0909 or

--Mark Beech