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Kayak Pack


From Captain Yossarian to Corporal Klinger, Hollywood always
seems to send its military deserters to sea in rubber rafts that
inflate with the yank of a cord. Sure, it's funny to watch
someone scrambling into a life raft as it fills with air, but if
you want to ride the waves in a compact, portable and truly
seaworthy craft, then the Alu-Lite folding kayak may be what
you've been searching for.

Made by Klepper, of Rosenheim, Germany, the Alu-Lite is built
for recreational sea kayaking and takes about 20 minutes to put
together. Weighing only 39 pounds, the kayak consists of an
aluminum frame, a synthetic rubber hull and a deck made from
waterproof Egyptian cotton. It's 13 feet, 1 inch long when fully
assembled and comes apart to fit into a suitcase-sized 42 by 28
by 8 inches. The Alu-Lite retails for $1,980. For more
information, visit Klepper at or call

--Mark Beech