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My Shot Not even my mom believed me when I told her I had made an ace three days in a row

During the craziness after I made a hole in one on three
consecutive days at Brookfield Hills Golf Club in my hometown of
Waukesha, Wis., I learned that being a celebrity is a lot of
fun. Country clubs offered me invitations. Kids asked for my
autograph. Joe Sweeney, the agent for Ron Dayne, offered to help
with interview and appearance requests. I know I'm no Tiger, but
in Wisconsin my aces have been big news. Some Milwaukee TV
stations did pieces on me. The crews set up at Brookfield's
185-yard 14th hole, the scene of my last ace, and I almost made
another one with the cameras rolling. My ball grazed the right
edge and stopped eight inches past the hole.

My fiancee, Chris Almeida, realized the impact of my feat when
she called Mo's, a Milwaukee steak house, to make a dinner
reservation. "How about 5:30?" the hostess said. Chris replied,
"I'm calling for Brian Lowe," and the hostess said, "Would 8:30
be O.K.?"

Before last week I'd never made a hole in one, even though I've
played golf for 29 years. The first ace happened on Saturday,
March 25. It was cold and windy, and it was my first round of
the year. I was playing with three men the pro had grouped me
with and using clubs that my dad, Bud, had given me for
Christmas. I hit a four-iron at the 195-yard 5th hole, and the
ace cost me only $40 in drinks because so few people were
playing. On Sunday, paired with three ladies, I hit a nine-iron
at the 135-yard 16th hole. The ball went kerplunk, and the
ladies started screaming. I guess it was pretty unbelievable.
When I called home, my mom, Marilyn, said, "That's great, Brian.
Sure." Drinks that day cost me $90.

The three firemen who were with me on Monday went even more nuts
when they witnessed my third ace. They were so happy that they
said we had to quit and head straight to the clubhouse bar.
That's where I got the best news all week: They picked up the tab.

Brian Lowe, 36, a lawncare products salesman, is a six