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Night Flight

The next time you see a brightly lit spheroid tracing an arc
across the night sky, take a moment before calling agents Mulder
and Scully. Chances are it won't be a UFO or a low-flying
satellite. Instead, it might be the coolest innovation in ball
technology since Fred MacMurray invented Flubber.

Twilight Lighted Basketballs and Footballs are illuminated from
the inside by light-emitting diodes (LED), which are impervious
to vibrations and to the varying weather conditions to which
most balls are subjected. Made by Huffy Sports, of Sussex, Wis.,
the balls are translucent from the bladder out, which makes them
a lighter shade of orange than traditionally colored balls. You
turn them on by inserting a standard inflating needle in the
lighting-unit cap; they turn off automatically after five
minutes of inactivity. Each ball runs on three three-volt
batteries and costs $24.99. For more information call Huffy at
800-558-5234 or go to

--Mark Beech