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Caddie Cam Caddying in the rain is definitely no time to sing

If you think playing in the rain is hard, try caddying in it.
You sacrifice one arm for the umbrella and multitask with the
other arm. We make sure the glove, grips, ball and towels stay
dry, and go in and out of the bag for rainsuits and sweaters. We
get soaked, and the players act like sugar cubes: One drop of
water, and they melt. Once, while working for Lance Ten Broeck,
I had his glove hanging in the umbrella rafters. It fell to the
ground, and as I bent over to pick it up, I speared Lance in the
head with the umbrella. A moment later he three-putted, rubbed
his head and gave me a weird look. He rubbed after every bad
shot the rest of the way, making sure I knew who was responsible
for his poor play. By the end of the round, he had a bald spot
that has never grown back.

Linn Strickler, 50, has been a Tour caddie since 1973.