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Breathing Easy


The latest accessory in horse racing may give new meaning to the
phrase winning by a nose. Flair Equine Nasal
Strips--six-by-four-inch black strips, placed an inch above a
horse's nostrils--supposedly make breathing easier. At last
year's Breeders' Cup the strips were worn by three of the eight
winners, including the Classic champion, Cat Thief, and five
horses in last Saturday's Kentucky Derby sported them. Many
veterinarians say it's not clear if nasal strips work, but the
Daily Racing Form now includes their use on its past-performance
charts for horses.

The Flair is made by CNS, Inc., of Minneapolis, which also makes
Breathe Right Nasal Strips, popular among NFL players and
jockeys. Each Flair contains three plastic springs that according
to CNS prevent the narrowing of tissue over the nasal passages
and ease breathing.

--Mark Beech