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June 12, 2000 Table Of Contents

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Golf Plus

The Week May 30-June 5

Wild And Crazy In the year following his only Tour victory, Rich Beem learned all about the perils of sudden fame

By Alan Shipnuck

Golf Jones 30 Before you invest in a player in next week's U.S. Open, take a tip from us and check out the...

By Gary Van Sickle

Nice to See You Colin Montgomerie is looking forward to his return to Pebble Beach and the U.S. Open. The question is: Will American fans be glad to see him?

By Ivan Maisel

Chuck Dunbar The pro at Pebble Beach wanted to be a game-show host but landed a role on golf's Broadway instead

By Scott Gummer

Flowin' in the Wind It may get gusty at Pebble Beach next weekend, so players would do well to study Jeff Sluman's gale-taming finish at the '92 Open

By John Garrity

One and Only For a brief, shining moment back in 1992, Andy Dillard was the biggest name in golf

By Walter Bingham

Caddie Shackled Pebble Beach looper Casey Boyns failed to qualify for next week's Open, but his course savvy belongs inside the ropes

By Michael Bamberger


By Jaime Diaz; Gene Menez; Alan Shipnuck

My Shot Look to the stars, not to the stats, if you want to know who will win at Pebble Beach

By Michael Zullo

Losing Gracelessly A new book by Europe's '99 Ryder Cup captain is just more sour grapes

By Jaime Diaz

Si View

SI View The Week in TV Sports

By John Walters

Personal Touch

By John Walters

Tiger by the Tail A former newspaperman is putting some bite into the Bengals' new Web site

By John O'Keefe

As Good as It Gets At the flick of a finger, we travel to sporting events around the globe--and we take it all for granted

By Steve Rushin

Inside Baseball

Inside Baseball

By Stephen Cannella

Inside Baseball

By Jeff Pearlman; David Sabino

The Might-Be Quinn Mark Quinn, late of the Royals, knows he's a hitter. Can he be a player?

By Jeff Pearlman


Family Business Bob Stoops, one of four coaching brothers taught well by their father, has revived Oklahoma football with an aggressive defense and a wide-open offense

By Tim Layden

NBA Playoffs

On a Role The stars on the Pacers and the Lakers will take their turns in the spotlight, but a pair of supporting characters should have an impact on how the Finals unfold

By Phil Taylor

No Fear Oblivious to the pressure, Kobe Bryant drove the Lakers past the Trail Blazers

By Richard Hoffer

Stanley Cup Finals

Devils' Work Reemerging star Jason Arnott and New Jersey had Dallas down, if not quite out, in the finals

By Michael Farber


Troy Story In just his second full season Troy Glaus of the Angels is already showing signs of becoming a power-hitting third baseman in the mold of Mike Schmidt

By Tom Verducci

Whose Laughing Now? Rapped for "giving up" after a housecleaning in midseason 1997, the White Sox have showed up their critics by putting together the best record in the American League

By Jeff Pearlman; David Sabino



Inside The NFL

Inside The NFL

By Peter King

Inside Tennis

Inside Tennis

By L. Jon Wertheim

Inside Soccer

Inside Soccer

By Grant Wahl

Baseball [bonus Piece]

Fast and Loose

Even with Ken Griffey Jr. as the prize, the Reds wouldn't part with Pokey Reese, who's talented and unburdened by family dysfunction

By Michael Bamberger

Wrestling with Their Son's Career

By Rick Reilly


A Farewell to Qualms After a 2 1/2-year hiatus, high jumper Matt Hemingway is soaring again

By David Fleming

Books A Chicago thing: A radio journalist provides an extraordinary glimpse of his life

By Ron Fimrite

Leading Off

Awakened from a Nightmare Diagnosed with narcolepsy, Tracy Bonner successfully fought a drug suspension

By Brian Cazeneuve

Rites of Spring


Scorecard Magic and Bird--Heroic Hansons--Swingin' Justice--Indy vs. SoCal

By Ian Thomsen; Jack McCallum Edited by Mark Mravic

Bears Market Cal gave its celebrated coach Steve Gladstone his eighth IRA championship

By Brian Cazeneuve

Faces in the Crowd