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Crew Cuts Tiger Woods was the story of the U.S. Open, but Pebble Beach was the star, and it took a grounds crew of 70 to make sure the course was ready for its close-up


COLOR PHOTO: PHOTOGRAPHS BY JIM GUND Fluffy rough makes for muffs, so before play began Gary Dempsey, one of four Australian volunteers, raked up the long grass around the 8th green.

TWO COLOR PHOTOS: PHOTOGRAPHS BY JIM GUND At 5 a.m. on the day before the opening round, the guys were treated to coffee, doughnuts and a glimpse of the U.S. Open Championship Trophy in the maintenance shed near the 15th hole. Later, it was back to work, although everyone was still wondering who might catch a wave when the action got under way for real the next morning.

TWO COLOR PHOTO: PHOTOGRAPHS BY JIM GUND By noon, the crew had been at the course for seven hours, and everyone was beginning to feel like a shadow of himself. Time for lunch. Due to traffic and crowd concerns, everyone was required to stay on-site. Some of the crew took it easy, but most of the workers grabbed a bite and then watched golf.