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Caddie Cam Players get the big bucks and free food, but we get shorts

Allowing caddies to wear shorts is the best thing the Tour has
done for us in 20 years. Now we have something the players
don't, and I wouldn't trade our right to wear shorts for their
five-course buffets. Of course, it took a caddie dropping in
97[degree] heat at the '96 PGA and another having a heart attack
at the '99 Western Open to persuade the Ivory Dungeon in Ponte
Vedra Beach to make the change. I'm a Florida beach bum who does
everything in shorts, so I'm happy to expose my burnished legs.
However, I hope certain others show discretion. European caddies
in particular should keep their OB stakes sheathed, and if the
players want to get into the act, some guys should be ruled
ineligible. Duffy Waldorf in shorts? Enough said.

Linn Strickler has caddied on the PGA Tour for 27 years.