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How Do I Love St. Andrews? Let Me Count The Ways

All real caddies love St. Andrews. My first time there was in
1984, when I worked for Fred Couples during the British Open.
Fred had never seen the course and showed up late because he had
to go back home to get his passport, but I had every church
spire and monument doped out. Fred tied for fourth by hitting
nothing but hooks off the tee, even though a St. Andrews caddie
nicknamed the Professor had told him, "You can nae approach from
the left at the Old Course." To that I replied, "Hey, pal, you
have nae seen a man who can hit a wedge 150 yards." Coming up
the 18th on Friday, the wind was howling in our faces, and my
man pulled out an eight-iron from 115 yards. I told him, "Fred,
the original 19th hole in all of golf is over those bleachers,
and if you hit that eight-iron, you are going to beat me there."
So he killed a nine-iron to the back of the green, and for the
next 20 seconds it trickled toward the hole. When the ball
finally dropped, 5,000 boozed-up Euros unleashed the loudest
roar I have ever heard.

Linn Strickler has caddied on the PGA Tour for 27 years.