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Pet of the Week Dazzling Diva and Denim & Lace, Donna Andrews's horses

They don't come running, knock her down and lick her face, like
Dino on The Flintstones, but when Donna Andrews returns from the
LPGA tour to her farm, Serenity Stables, in Southern Pines,
N.C., she can tell that her eight horses are happy to see her.
"They know when mama's home," she says. "I can hear them
whinnying as I pull up the driveway."

Andrews, who dislocated her right shoulder in a riding accident
in July 1999, says that Damink, a nine-year-old Hanoverian, is
her favorite. "She has a special attitude," says Andrews, who
missed two months after her spill. "It's almost as if she's

For Andrews the horses are more than pets. They are business
assets. Six of them are for sale (not Damink). While Andrews will
be sad to see them go, she is proud of the way she has raised
them. "I have the satisfaction of knowing that I gave them a good
start," she said. "It's very fulfilling."

--Tom Hanson