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B/W PHOTO: PHOTOGRAPHS BY LYNN JOHNSON Trials and Tribulations In the run-up to the U.S. trials in gymnastics and swimming (page 95), aspiring Olympians put themselves through torturous routines that they hoped would help get them to the Games. Here, in an exercise to increase endurance, Stephen McCain is the man in the inverted iron cross, having been hoisted into position by fellow gymnast Jay Thornton.

THREE B/W PHOTOS: PHOTOGRAPHS BY LYNN JOHNSON A Torres Pace The regimen of swimmer Dara Torres entails a battery of batterings: getting a massage while wearing leg braces that help flush out toxins; having trainer Bob Cooley stand on her back to loosen it; and, with the help of some friends, undergoing something she calls extreme stretching of her shoulders.

B/W PHOTO: PHOTOGRAPHS BY LYNN JOHNSON Getting Two Legs Up Gymnast Chris Young hangs from a bar while doing full-extension leg lifts during a workout.