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September 11, 2000 Table Of Contents

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Catching Up With...

Rafer Johnson, Olympic Hero August 6, 1984

By Brian Cazeneuve

Si View

Lost Veneration It's high time we stop the shabby treatment of big-time athletes and show a little respect

By Steve Rushin

SI view The Week in TV Sports

By John Walters


By John Walters

Pro Football

Fresh Starts Like the revamped, win-at-all-costs Redskins, players and coaches around the NFL were determined to kick off the new season on the right foot

By Michael Silver

Cover Charge After spending 13 years with a club he didn't want to leave, the fall guy in the Music City Miracle is starting over with the 49ers

By Peter King

Growth Spurt At ease with his teammates and running fiercely over foes, a more mature Ricky Williams begins anew in New Orleans

By Jeffri Chadiha

Hale and Hardy Snubbed by the Buccaneers, 35-year-old Hardy Nickerson is just the fiery veteran to add some bite to the Jaguars' defense

By Josh Elliott


Ending The Slide With a split at Fenway, the previously sinking Mariners kept their heads above water in the unfathomable American League

By Tom Verducci



Inside The NFL

The Real Deal Untested quarterback Daunte Culpepper showed that he's more than big enough for the Vikings starting job with a stirring performance against the Bears

By Peter King

The King's Corner

Dr. Z's Forecast

By Paul Zimmerman

Inside Tennis

Inside Tennis

By S.L. Price

The Annadote

By Richard Deitsch

Inside Motor Sports

Road Warrior With five races left in CART's season, journeyman Roberto Moreno is scrambling to win his first title

By Mark Bechtel

Eye of the Tiger Jenson Button is clawing his way toward the top in his first F/1 season

Inside College Football

Inside College Football

By Ivan Maisel; Tim Crothers

He's Poetry in Motion Pitt wideout La Tef Grim loves writing poems and rewriting record books

By Lars Anderson

Inside Baseball

Inside Baseball

By Stephen Cannella

Olympics 2000

G'Day! It's time to dive in Down Under as Sydney gets set to greet 10,000 athletes and answer 10 burning questions

Question 1 Will Marion Jones Live Up to the Hype?

By Tim Layden

Question 2 Will Ian Thorpe and the Rest of the Aussies Rule the Pool?

By Brian Cazeneuve

Question 4 Will Boxing Suffer Another Judging Scandal?

By Luis Fernando Llosa

Question 3 Who Will Fly Highest In A New Olympic Event?

By Tim Layden

Question 6 Any Chance The Dream Team Might Have A Nightmare?

By Phil Taylor

Question 5 Why Isn't The U.S. Women's Soccer Team Smiling?

By Grant Wahl

Question 8 Can Bela Karolyi's Gymnasts Pull Off Another Surprise?

By E.M. Swift

Question 7 How Are Michael Johnson and Maurice Greene Shaping Up After Their U.S. Trials Debacle?

By Tim Layden

Question 9 Will Anyone Get A Hit Off U.S. Softball Ace Lisa Fernandez?

By Kelley King

Question 10 Who Will Light The Torch?

By Tim Layden

High Wired Act The Games will be a five-ring circus on-line, which is where fans must go if they want to keep up with the action as it happens

By John Walters

Making A Splash From moves, masks and gis to East Timorese, things never before seen at the Games will be on view in Sydney

By Kelley King

I'm Not Worthy Czech Tomas Dvorak says he has scant talent--so how did he become the decathlon king?

By Tim Layden

Something New in the Air Two sports and 15 events will make their debuts in Sydney, adding fresh bounce to the Games

By Mark Beech

The Great Wall China has three towering NBA prospects in its frontcourt--and 100 more 7-footers in reserve, if you believe the rumors

By Alexander Wolff

Striking Gold For eight luminous athletes, the Sydney Games will be a chance to gild their careers with their first Olympic titles

By Phil Taylor; L. Jon Wertheim; Kelley King; Brian Cazeneuve

As Big As She Wants To Be Teen phenom Cheryl Haworth could lift her sport to prominence, if an art career doesn't draw her away

By Jack McCallum

A Genuine Free Styler Swedish diva Therese Alshammar has it all: speed, strength, beauty, attitude--and a tattoo she'll let you see (plus one she won't)

By E.M. Swift

Medal Picks Who will take home gold, silver and bronze in each of the Games' 300 events? And who will be worth watching, win or lose? Turn the page for all the answers.

By Brian Cazeneuve

No Cigar

By Brian Cazeneuve

Wizardess of Oz

By Alexander Wolff

Diving's Big Hurt

By Brian Cazeneuve

Shooting for the Record

By Brian Cazeneuve

Pinup, Up and Away

By Brian Cazeneuve

In the Name of the Father

By Brian Cazeneuve

A Lifesaving Stroke

By Brian Cazeneuve

Shooting from the Lip

By Brian Cazeneuve

Grrrl Power in the Pool

By Kelley King

America's Other Dream Team

By L. Jon Wertheim

One-Two-Three, Kick!

By Tim Layden

Traded to...Qatar?

By Jack McCallum

Twin Terror

By Mark Beech

Rack Off, Seppos! (Yankees, Go Home!)

By Rick Reilly

Olympics 2000 [bonus Piece]

Fantastic Voyage

Cameras may focus on the Homebush Bay venues, but the real glory of Sydney is its harbor, and the best way to see it is from—no joke, mate—an ice-cream boat. Ready? Good on ya!

By Gary Smith


Remember the Mayhem

Unusually boisterous crowd support boosted the U.S. to a win over Guatemala

By Grant Wahl

Gut Check When it comes to the rackets at the U.S. Open, Jay Schweid pulls all the strings

By L. Jon Wertheim


By Ron Fimrite

Macho Boy Hector Camacho Jr. doesn't party as hard as his dad, but he punches harder

By Franz Lidz

Leading Off


Scorecard Nude Jocks--Night Golf--Munich Memories--Rodmania!

By George Dohrmann; Diane Seo; Gary Spitz Edited by Albert Kim

September Mourning

By Kenny Moore Edited by Albert Kim

Faces in the Crowd

Edited by Albert Kim