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Question 10 Who Will Light The Torch?


The popular favorite Down Under is Australia's greatest Olympian,
swimmer Dawn Fraser, who won eight medals between 1956 and '64.
Wild card candidates include wheelchair-bound '56 sprint champion
Betty Cuthbert, who has multiple sclerosis and would add
Ali-style poignancy; and distance runner Ron Clarke, who as an
athlete lit the torch in Melbourne in '56. Clarke didn't help his
chances, however, when in late August he bashed the IOC and
called the opening ceremonies "an extravagant waste of money."

Might there be a show of athletic wizardry, as in 1992 at
Barcelona when an archer lit the cauldron with a flaming arrow?
Unlikely--unless of course Greg Norman, one of several prominent
Aussies who'll carry the torch in its final miles, pulls out a
wood and drives a flaming balata into...oops, you all right,
President Samaranch?