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Caddie Cam Job hunting requires patience and a cell phone

Jumping Around Time--which is what caddies call the late-season
flurry of firings and the jockeying for new jobs--is a lot like
the television show Survivor. Now that the Striped One has made
the other Tour players desperate to improve, they are more
likely to ax a looper. Even family-related caddies, who used to
have immunity from the wielded blade, are looking over their
shoulders. These days, caddies have to be as cagey as Richard
Hatch and keep their options open. When the jumping around
starts, guys who signal future availability without appearing
overeager or disloyal land good bags. Instead of a moist towel,
the new caddie staple is the cell phone. Any job hunter hanging
around the parking lot on Tuesday morning has been voted off the

Linn Strickler has caddied on the PGA Tour since 1973.