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Gear These new products should make the outdoor life easier on two wheels, in the water, on the court and along the trail


High Lights

Mounted on your helmet or your handlebars, Fireballs Comp ($299)
bicycle headlamps provide from 105 minutes to eight hours of
light (depending on which of the four output levels you use).
Made by Specialized, Fireballs are housed in an aluminum frame
that weighs only nine ounces and are controlled with a wireless
handlebar-mounted switch. Each halogen bulb sits in its own
adjustable socket, allowing the beams to be aimed independently.
A gauge inside the battery pack tells you when you're low on
power. Specialized, 408-779-6229;

Water Jets

Although it resembles an accessory for 007 in Thunderball, the
Dolphin ($895) is purely recreational. Made by of
Pompano Beach, Fla., it is a handheld device that propels
swimmers underwater and is ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling.
The Dolphin runs for about an hour on a rechargeable battery. Its
maximum speed is only 3.2 miles per hour, but it can descend to
depths of 130 feet., 800-226-0767;

Ball Cure

If tennis elbow is your problem, the Abzorber ball ($3.99 per
can) is designed to ease your pain. It is slightly lighter and
firmer than normal tennis balls, and its manufacturer, Dunlop
Sport, of Greenville, S.C., claims that the Abzorber reduces
impact on the racket arm. Dunlop, 800-277-8000;


You no longer need a hiking partner to remind you that you don't
know where you're going. The Outback digital compass ($79.99) has
lights that indicate anytime you deviate from the proper azimuth.
Made by Brunton, of Riverton, Wyo., the Outback has up to 200
hours of battery life and can be programmed to store multiple
routes to, and from, your favorite fishin' holes. Brunton,