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Saturday 11/11

South Carolina at Florida
CBS 3:30 PM Four years ago Steve Spurrier helped Lou Holtz's
ailing wife, Beth, get an appointment with Florida's NCAA faculty
representative, a noted oncologist. Ever since, the two coaches
have been pals. Their friendship will undergo a severe test with
this showdown in the Swamp: The victor wins the SEC East
championship and gets a berth in the conference title game.
That's old hat for Spurrier's Gators, but South Carolina hasn't
played in the title game since joining the SEC in 1992.

Tuesday 11/14

Preseason NIT: Pepperdine at Indiana
ESPN 7 PM In one regard Bob Knight's boorishness helped him: It
distracted people from the fact that his Hoosiers had become
incapable of winning a big game. They haven't advanced past the
second round of the NCAAs in six years, and Knight's last game
was a first-round 77-57 drubbing at the hands of 11th-seed
Pepperdine. New Indiana coach Mike Davis hopes to avenge that L,
but don't count on it happening. The Waves have All-West Coast
Conference guard Brandon Armstrong, while the Hoosiers lost
All-America backcourtman A.J. Guyton to the NBA Bulls.

Wednesday 11/15

U.S. at Barbados
ESPN2 2 PM If you thought finishing last in the 1998 World Cup
was bad, how about getting bounced from the semifinal round of
Cup qualifying by a country one-seventh the size of Rhode Island
and named for bearded fig trees? The Americans can escape that
fate by beating Barbados--a team it destroyed 7-0 in August--in
this final Group E match. Beware: The Barbadians played most of
that game two men down and can be tough at home.


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Tuesday 11/14

Knicks at Sonics
TBS 10:30 PM Based on early returns, the deal that sent Patrick
Ewing (above) from New York to Seattle looks like the rare trade
that hurts both teams. The 76ers spanked the Knicks by 29 at
Madison Square Garden on opening night, while Ewing scored two
points in his Sonics debut. Tonight, though, Ewing will look to
exploit the hole his departure created in the middle of the New
York defense. Beanpole Marcus Camby, who replaced Ewing in the
Knicks' starting lineup, will have his hands full. He relies on
his shot-blocking abilities to make up for his lack of girth,
but Ewing has long been the master of the all-but-unswatable
fadeaway J.



The big winners at last April's Final Four were Michigan State,
which won the NCAA championship, and the Harlem Globetrotters,
who showed in the Roundball Challenge that they can play serious
ball by beating a team of college all-stars. On Monday the
Trotters, who have lost once in 29 years, take on this season's
Spartans at 7:00 p.m. in an exhibition on ESPN2.... Sure it was
sunny in Miami last Saturday, but CBS sideline reporter Jill
Arrington might want to rethink her wardrobe. Decked out in a
tank top, she looked as if she had reluctantly left South Beach
to work the Miami-Virginia Tech game.