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Original Issue


Reilly forgot to note that Yankees fans like to drink something
other than beer--champagne!
--RYAN MURRAY, Netcong, N.J.

New York, New York

Rick Reilly only has to write one column a week, and all he could
produce was a page full of rude remarks about Yankees fans (THE
LIFE OF REILLY, Oct. 30)? My favorite was his comment about
Yankees fans "throw[ing] DieHards." Wasn't it Mets fans who were
prepared to have Battery Night for the New York return of John

God bless Reilly for making so much sense. As a New Yorker and a
Mets fan for all of my 18 years, the story was a beautiful thing
to read.
JESSE CREW, Waccabuc, N.Y.

The greatest Yankee was Babe Ruth. The Yankees built a stadium
for him. The greatest Met was Tom Seaver. The Mets traded him to
Cincinnati. The Yankees play in the House that Ruth Built. The
Mets play in a stadium named for a lawyer.
NEIL B. CONNELLY, Elmsford, N.Y.

I'm surprised that such a high-quality magazine could make so
many proofreading errors. The words Mets and Yankees are
transposed throughout.
Toms River, N.J.

Reilly claims the Yankees have bought pennant after pennant, in
contrast to the Mets who won the 2000 pennant through
old-fashioned hard work. Armando Benitez, Mike Hampton, Al
Leiter and Mike Piazza are all high-priced mercenaries. Only
four first-line Mets players come from their farm system: Benny
Agbayani, Edgardo Alfonzo, Bobby J. Jones and Jay Payton.
Contrast this with the Yankees' nucleus: Derek Jeter, Andy
Pettitte, Jorge Posada, Mariano Rivera and Bernie Williams, all
of whom played in the Yankees' system. Actually, it's the Mets
who bought a contending team.
AARON FRANKEL, Cambridge, Mass.

As Reilly says, Yankees fans like beer. Yankees fans also like
reminiscing with their grandfathers about what it was like to
attend Lou Gehrig Day and watch Joe DiMaggio in centerfield.
Yankees fans like hearing their fathers tell stories of growing
up idolizing Mickey Mantle. Yankees fans fondly remember Mr.
October, Bucky Dent's home run, Thurman Munson's heart and Phil
Rizzuto's Hall of Fame induction speech. Yankees fans love being
treated to four championships in five years and rooting for a
team we may never see the likes of again. I hope that my children
and grandchildren will be Yankees fans so that they can relish
the history and tradition of the best franchise in the history of
DAVID CARDINO, Scotch Plains, N.J.


When a team of destiny not only wins a World Championship but
wins three in a row, you would expect them to be on the cover
(Oct. 30).
KEN ROTH, Los Angeles

The Yankees win their fourth World Series in five years, and they
don't make the cover? Bless you.
RANDY BRESS, Hermitage, Pa.

Derek J and Joe D

Hats off to Tom Verducci for his article on 2000 World Series MVP
Derek Jeter of the Yankees (The Toast of the Town, Oct. 30).
Jeter deserves the parallels drawn between him and Joe DiMaggio.

Jeter is a wonderful person, a super player, but he isn't even
close to Joe D.

This Guy Can Coach

All my life I've been a Pacers fan, so naturally I've hated the
Knicks (The Last Laugh, Oct. 30). After S.L. Price's article
about Jeff Van Gundy, I can't help but like the guy. But let it
be known, I still hate the Knicks.
DAVE TELLMANN, Springboro, Ohio

Opening Tip

I was pleased to see the prediction in your basketball preview
issue that the Milwaukee Bucks will make it to the Eastern
Conference finals (Scouting Reports, Oct. 30). However, saying
that Glenn Robinson could be dealt if he continues to nap on
defense is insane. Robinson is the game's best midrange shooter,
able to create and can shots in spaces smaller than phone booths.
He's no Gary Payton on defense, but he's gotten better, and he
ERIK SCHMUDLACH, Cross Plains, Wis.


Not So Fast, Dr. Z

Paul Zimmerman's list of the 10 greatest fullbacks (Dr. Z's Top
10 Fullbacks, Oct. 30) should have included Rick Casares (above)
of the 1955 to '64 Bears. Casares's desire, determination and
versatility made him the equal of the best. He and Alan Ameche of
the Baltimore Colts should have been on the list in place of
Cookie Gilchrist, who didn't play long enough, and Daryl
Johnston, who did little except block.
WILLIAM H. IBE, Wilmette, Ill.