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Pet of the Week Hollis Stacy and her Portuguese water dog, Bongi

Three-time U.S. Open champion Hollis Stacy grew up with nine
siblings, so there was no room for pets. Now that she has a
three-bedroom ranch house in Lakewood, Colo., there's plenty of
room and plenty of pets. Stacy has four dogs--Lucy (a wire-haired
fox terrier), Red (an Airedale), Nootka (a golden retriever) and
Bongi (a Portuguese water dog). Stacy's favorite is 10-year-old
Bongi. "He fusses over me and follows me everywhere," she says.
"It's embarrassing. He means well, but sometimes I have to tell
him to get a life."

Bongi likes to sit in Stacy's golf cart while she practices at
Denver's Meridian Golf Club. "My other three dogs don't go to the
course," she says, "because they are too hyper."

Bongi was first named Bingo, but he was so laid-back that shortly
after Stacy bought him (for $800) from a Phoenix-based breeder in
1990 she changed his name. "I've seen him go without barking for
a month," she says.

About the only thing that excites Bongi are animal programs on
the Discovery Channel. Once when he saw a lion, he crawled
behind the tube looking for it. And golf on TV? "He never
watches," Stacy says. "It's too boring."

--Yi-Wyn Yen