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Witness: Arnold Palmer Tournament host

EVENT: Bay Hill Invitational, Bay Hill Club and Lodge, Orlando
DATE: March 19

"Tiger was playing in the last group, with Davis Love III. Davis
started the round two strokes behind him. On the 4th hole Davis
nailed a drive and was 50 yards short of Tiger--and Davis drives
the ball great. I can't get inside Davis's head, but I know what
that would have been like for me: devastating.

"After just a few holes Tiger had a four-stroke lead. That's
when he started playing a U.S. Open-style round. He hit a lot of
irons off tees. He hit it to the safe parts of greens. He took
the water, the rough, the bunkers--all the trouble--out of play.
He made the win look so easy. It reminded me of what Jack
Nicklaus would have done in that same situation.

I could never play that way myself. I always had to go at it a
little stronger. That's Tiger's biggest strength: He can play in
Jack's style, waiting for his chances, and he can play in my
style, attacking all the time. That's some combination."


PGA Championships consecutively won by Woods--a feat not
accomplished since the event went to stroke play in '58.