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If your cover photo of Chris Rock is trying to show what the
owners are doing to the fans, he's holding up the wrong fingers.

Love-Hate Relationship

I enjoyed your year-end article about the superfans around the
country and what drives their passions for their respective teams
(Endless Love, Dec. 25-Jan. 1). I was, however, disgusted to read
about the man in Florida who paid $650,000 for a customized bus
so that his spoiled little boy could attend Miami Heat games
without having to suffer through the discomfort of a 90-minute
ride from Palm Beach. After reading all the snippets on the other
fanatics, I'm left wondering how purchasing a bus and hiring a
driver constitutes being a superfan?
JOHN WILLIAMS, Clarkston, Mich.

Instead of idolizing pro athletes, we should be praising fans
like the South Stands folks in Mile High Stadium (The Mile High
Club). They have more character and dedication than most pros.
DAVID REYNOLDS, Beverly, Mass.

Imagine my surprise to find out that the Bronco Bunny stopped
going to games at Mile High Stadium because her husband, my dad,
had passed away. My parents now reside in Topeka, Kans. They
still watch Broncos games whenever they are broadcast in their
area. My mom still has the Bronco Bunny suit, the Broncos van and
a great deal of other Broncos paraphernalia.
TAMMIE FOSTER, Thornton, Colo.

The athletes' poll ranked Raiders fans as the stupidest in the
NFL (Field Notes). This just shows that the voters are
intimidated. Loud and proud we are; stupid we are not!
DAVID M. PARKINSON, Tiburon, Calif.

It's appropriate that Chris Rock is on the cover of your issue
dedicated to the fan. One needs to make the kind of money Rock
does in order to be one these days. Cover idea for next year?
Bill Gates, Ultimate Fan!

I guess a famous face like Rock's sells more magazines than the
faces of real fans such as Kathryn Harding and Victor Marquez
MIKE HOFFMAN, Indiana, Pa.

Flip Side of Free Agency

In the Dec. 25-Jan. 1 issue Peter King writes in his INSIDE THE
NFL column that "the road is littered with ambitious teams that
erred big time in free agency." Did he forget about the Packers'
signing of Reggie White, the Cowboys' signing of Deion Sanders
and the Jets' signing of Curtis Martin? Each of these players led
his team to either a conference championship game or the Super
BRET DANOW, New York City

The Spirit of Christmas

Thanks to Rick Reilly for It's the Thought That Counts (THE LIFE
OF REILLY, Dec. 25-Jan. 1). I know we didn't marry the same
woman, but after reading the article, I thought that maybe his
wife and mine were identical twins separated at birth. I not only
shared the article with my wife, but, as the pastor of a church,
I intend to make it mandatory reading for future husbands and
wives in my premarriage seminars.

I love a man "who continues to harbor a belief that he'll be
discovered by a major league scout, even at 42." Unfortunately, I
keep choosing ones who gave up long ago.
LISA HIGGINS, Bellevue, Wash.

Some people would say that expressing heartfelt emotions for your
wife in a truly beautiful article is the best gift you can give.
I'd say you're cheap.
MICHAEL BARBOZA, Clearwater, Fla.


Smitten with the Cornhuskers

You have no reason not to recognize Nebraska football fans (at
Memorial Stadium in Lincoln, above) as among the best anywhere.
The Cornhuskers have sold out 239 consecutive home games, and
Nebraska fans cheer for the opposing team even if it is Colorado
or Oklahoma. We even bought tickets from Notre Dame fans this
year and made ourselves a presence at Notre Dame Stadium.
NICK HEADLEY, Chandler, Ariz.