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Reilly, you forgot a stud...yourself.

They Want a Recount

When selecting your all-bowl team, how could you overlook
Minnesota's Tellis Redmon (SI's All-Bowl Team, Jan. 8)? He had 42
carries for 246 yards and two touchdowns. The other two backs you
selected had 193 and 109 yards. You can't say you left Redmon off
because he didn't help his team win: Texas A&M, which Ja'Mar
Toombs plays for, also lost, yet Toombs was chosen for your list.
A.J. EARLEYWINE, Brooklyn Park, Minn.

How could you leave off Freddie Mitchell of UCLA? He caught nine
passes, setting a Sun Bowl record of 180 receiving yards.
Mitchell was up against Wisconsin cornerback Jamar Fletcher, who
won the Jim Thorpe Award as the nation's best defensive back.
BILLY BALLAS, Torrance, Calif.

Still a Doubter

Oklahoma stepped all over Florida State (No Doubt about It, Jan.
8)? While the Sooners deserved to win and played well on defense,
anyone could see that they got a lot of help from dropped balls
and bad passes. This was either team's game until well into the
fourth quarter.
FRANK TAVERNA, Lexington, Ky.

Old, Familiar Look

At the start of the Notre Dame-Oregon State game I was rooting
for the Beavers (Fiesta Feast, Jan. 8). By the end I was
thoroughly disgusted. Dennis Erickson's Oregon State team looked
just like his old Miami teams--cocky and undisciplined. The
Beavers seemed unable to restrain themselves from taunting their
opponents. Too bad.
STEVE RANKIN, Winfield, Kans.

More Hot Bods

Rick Reilly's list of male sportscasters in his Jan. 8 column
left out the best looking one of all, Kirk Herbstreit (THE LIFE
OF REILLY). Herbstreit does college football on ESPN. Put him in
the field, and I think you'd have a unanimous winner.
MELISSA KERR, Middletown, Ohio

a) I was flattered to be included in Rick's wonderful column of
Jan. 8.
b) I was horrified to be included in his disturbing column of
Jan. 8.
c) I have mixed feelings about his interesting column of Jan. 8.
However, I was disappointed to see that not all qualified
candidates were mentioned. Apparently Rick has never seen my
colleague, golf commentator David Feherty in his festive, red
Speedo. Perhaps next year Rick will be fortunate enough to
receive Feherty's Christmas card.
CBS/USA Network Sports
New York City

As a high school senior with an admitted penchant for
sportscasters, I was thrilled with (and highly amused by)
Reilly's column, especially the inclusion of Dennis Miller and
uberbabe Keith Olbermann. But Rick, how could you overlook the
equally cerebral and studly Bob Costas?
QUINN COLLARD, Friendswood, Texas

Let Rushin Be Rushin

How dare SI's editors reject the musings of the great Steve
Rushin (AIR AND SPACE, Jan. 8)! They should be terminated for
such egregious behavior. Don't they know Rushin is the
Shakespeare of Sport, the Grisham of the Gridiron, the Faulkner
of the Fairway, the King of the Court, the Dumas of the Diamond
and the Twain of the Twin Cities? Don't they realize he is Rice,
Heinz, Smith, Murray and Schultz (that's Jeff Schultz, a local
favorite of mine) rolled into one?
CURTIS J. ZANONE, Roswell, Ga.


Most Valuable Punter

Oklahoma's Jeff Ferguson deserved to be your all-bowl punter.
Three of his punts were downed inside Florida State's seven-yard
line. He also had the savvy to take a safety (above) with 55
seconds left instead of downing the ball on the Sooners' two.
Finally, his ensuing free kick from his own 20-yard line pinned
the Seminoles all the way back on their own 17. In terms of this
selection, you booted it.
RICHARD OPPER, Lewistown, Mont.