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Caddie Cam Celebs can be world-class tippers or ungrateful stiffs

Caddies relish the pro-am events because of the gratuities we get
from the amateurs--even though the Tour hands out a flyer that
tells them "tipping is customary, but not mandatory." At the Hope
the pro caddie generally gets $20 from each amateur in the group.
There are a few world-class tippers, the biggest being Australian
mogul Kerry Packer. When he won the Pebble Beach Pro-Am with Greg
Norman, he gave Greg Rita $20,000. Most high-profile people are
pretty generous. Jackie Gleason was always good for a hundo, and
Yogi Berra, Rick Dees, Maury Povich and Andy Williams always
leave us smiling. There are plenty of celebrity stiffs, too.
Lawrence Welk used to give out a comb with lawrence welk stamped
on it, and Liberace left you with a tacky souvenir key chain. The
most notorious cheapskates get nicknames, like (No) Tip O'Neill,
Gerald (I Can't Af)Ford and--I hate to say it--Bob (There's No)

Linn Strickler has caddied on the PGA Tour since 1973.