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Does anyone really think that if Michael Jordan moved to
Washington and went to every Wizards game, all would be well?

Opinions Are Free

Rick Reilly shouldn't be so sure about the Wizards' being able
to beat the teams he mentioned in his column (THE LIFE OF
REILLY, Jan. 22). I'm an alumnus of the Culinary Institute of
America (class of 1984), and back in my day we could have put
together a team that could have taken them on. The CIA's motto
is "preparation is everything," and the Wizards seem only to be
prepared for failure.

Reilly did it again. In his article on Michael Jordan's ownership
abilities he has uncovered a truth that most of the world wants
to deny: Not everything Michael touches turns to gold.
Mequon, Wis.

I don't love or loathe Jordan. I do know when someone has an
unhealthy obsession with another person. It's ludicrous to tear
the man up for every imperfection he has. Seek some counseling,
Reilly. Maybe you can find out what your real hang-up with Jordan

Toast to Tony

I just read John Walters's review of the Tony Kornheiser show,
and I agree that it's a refreshing island in the
sports-talk-radio sea (SI VIEW, Jan. 22). There are fans who have
interests other than who will step up as the Seahawks' third
tight end this year. I'll take the intelligent talk of Tony and
his crew over Dan Patrick's incessant name-dropping any day.
DAVE LANSING, Stevens Point, Wis.

Local Boy Makes Good

Finally, Aaron McKie is being recognized as a key to the 76ers'
success (INSIDE THE NBA, Jan. 22). A local guy who went to
Temple, McKie is loved in this city and by 76ers fans.
MATT AZARVA, Philadelphia

What are the rest of the NBA players missing? For that matter,
what are all of those spoiled millionaires who play pro sports
missing? McKie plays hard every day, assumes the role of team
leader and still realizes that his family is No. 1? The pay scale
in the NBA is backward--it should have Aaron at the top, not in
the bottom half.
JAKE HARRIS, Conshohocken, Pa.

Sheepskin Envy

The source of conflict between Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal
is obvious (SCORECARD, Jan. 22). Did anyone notice that this
started around the time that Shaq got his degree from LSU? Before
that they were a couple of guys without an education. Kobe can't
handle the fact that Shaq is the star of the Lakers and also has
his degree.

The Pen Is Mightier

I certainly hope that no one under the age of 22 obtained a copy
of your Jan. 29 edition. In They Said It (SCORECARD), you
featured the Jason Williams quote, "I wish I'd spent more time on
my jump shot than learning to read and write." It strikes me that
Williams's thoughts were more appropriate to This Week's Sign of
the Apocalypse. Williams ought to thank his English teacher for
instructing him on how to read a multimillion-dollar contract and
how to sign his paychecks.
MARK HONEYMAN, Rochester Hills, Mich.

The Midas Touch

The headline on Josh Elliott's story about the NFL that called
it the Teflon League is right on (SCORECARD, Jan. 29). Revenue
sharing has made the NFL economically the healthiest league in
pro sports, and the resulting competitiveness makes fans willing
to overlook the NFL's serious blemishes. However, the league
could go further with revenue sharing by allowing each NFL city a
chance to host the Super Bowl. The residents of these cities have
shouldered heavy tax burdens to fund NFL stadiums. Each of these
cities should get a chance to reap the economic windfall that
comes from hosting a Super Bowl.
DANIEL SHERMAN, Brooktondale, N.Y.

As long as I hold out hope that my Dolphins will become the next
Rams or Titans or Ravens or Giants, I'm going to remain glued to
my television on Sundays. However, I strongly disagree with your
proposed changes that would permit end zone dances and fumbles
caused by the ground. You can watch that in another league, the
XFL. I'll stick to real football.


Case of Mistaken Identity

as a Jazz fan I must point out that the photo on page 86 of your
Jan. 29 issue (INSIDE THE NBA) is of Quincy Lewis, not Utah
rookie DeShawn Stevenson (above). In addition to our beloved John
Stockton and Karl Malone, keep an eye on Donyell Marshall, who
has been outstanding for the Jazz this year.