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COLOR PHOTO: PHOTOGRAPH BY BOB ROSATO Three's a Crowd A week after Dale Earnhardt was killed at Daytona, fans fly the Intimidator's colors and number at North Carolina Speedway in Rockingham, at the start of the Dura Lube 400.

COLOR PHOTO: PHOTOGRAPH BY JIJI PRESS/AFP Naked Launch Hundreds of loinclothed hopefuls pack Saidaiji Temple in Okayama, Japan, for the annual Hadaka Matsuri, in which a sacred piece of bamboo is tossed into the crowd; whoever touches it is believed to have good luck for the year.

COLOR PHOTO: PHOTOGRAPH BY BOB MARTIN Jam Session Riders in the 26th Enduro du Touquet motorcycle race on the beach in Le Touquet, France, show true grit as they head into the dunes.