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Leading Off


COLOR PHOTO: PHOTOGRAPH BY DAVID E. KLUTHO Falling Rock Zone Colorado goalie Patrick Roy has some company drop in during the first OT of Game 3 in the NHL Western Conference finals as the Avalanche make like one on Blues center Marty Reasoner (page 58).

COLOR PHOTO: PHOTOGRAPH BY MANNY MILLAN Short Stuff Six-foot Sixers guard Allen Iverson gets full extension--and appears to need every bit of it--as he dunks against the Raptors in the seventh game of their playoff series (page 42).

COLOR PHOTO: PHOTOGRAPH BY PETER READ MILLER Roger Blew Yankees pitcher Roger Clemens loses his footing--and the toss from his catcher--while trying to cover home after throwing a wild pitch. Carlos Guillen scored on the play, and the Mariners won 6-2 (page 34).