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SI Adventure

--River Wild
Freestyle kayakers made the biggest splash at the Ocoee
Whitewater Games

--Whiz Kid
Mountain biker Anne-Caroline Chausson is the planet's dominant
athlete on two wheels

--Alternative Rock
Nobody has a better grip on the sport of bouldering than Chris

--Into the Maelstrom
Surfer Mel Pu'u takes on Makaha's epic swells--in a one-man canoe

--Inside Out
The thrills and chills of canyoneering, Tao Berman's big week
and more adventure news

--Murphy's Law
Three riders' quest for single-track nirvana could earn them 15
years in prison

COLOR PHOTO: PHOTOGRAPH BY PETER READ MILLER Commotion in the ocean More than 1,600 competitors clogged the Pacific during the 2.4-mile swim segment of last Saturday's Ironman California, outside Camp Pendleton, in which brothers Tim and Tony DeBoom finished one-two.

"Rodeo kayakers are the Traveling Wilburys of whitewater sport.
They do really cool events in really cool places. "
--Scott Shipley, page A10