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Total Shambles The Tour has been hit by a crime wave, and I'm one of the victims

When I opened my locker last Tuesday at Colonial Country Club, I
found two dozen Titleist Pro V1 golf balls--a dozen fewer than
usual--so I asked the Titleist rep if he had shortchanged me.
"Nope, I left you three dozen last night," he said. "You're the
14th guy to tell me that he's had balls stolen."

Apparently Pro V1s are fueling a crime spree on Tour. I first
noticed the problem at the Byron Nelson Classic, when a box of
them vanished from my locker. I had stuff stolen there last year
too, so I half jokingly told the locker room guys I was getting
tired of it. Then came the Caper at Colonial. The tournament
chairman told me he'd alerted the policeman guarding the locker
room door. Me, I'd have gone to the roof and turned on the bat
signal because on Wednesday I was hit again. I'd left my golf bag
in the storage room overnight, and somebody had taken all but one
of the Pro V1s--nothing else--in it. Later I found a note taped to
my locker. I thought it might be about the balls, but it was just
to tell me my laundry was ready. (They do your laundry for free
at Colonial, a nice perk since the hotel probably would've
charged $200.)

Let's see, I'm out a few dozen balls, but I have clean clothes.
I'd call that a pretty good trade.

COLOR PHOTO: DARREN CARROLL Brandel Chamblee has been a regular on the PGA Tour since 1991.