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SI Adventure

--Midnight Riders
The 24 Hours of Snowshoe featured plenty of draining climbs and
nasty crashes

--Kid Rock
Chris McNamara, 22, is staking his claim as king of the most
famous wall of all, El Capitan

--Going Deep
Can any woman top Tanya Streeter's unassisted free-diving mark?
Don't hold your breath

--In Advance of Lance
For Lance Armstrong there's no yellow jersey without his teammates

--Inside Out
Doug Flutie's escape from Alcatraz, cycling's latest drug
scandal and more adventure news

--Murphy's Law
On Everest blind climber Erik Weihenmayer got by with a little
help from his friends

COLOR PHOTO: PHOTOGRAPH BY ROBERT BECK A smack on the lip All's swell for pro windsurfer Rick Markham as he catches the face of a 15-footer during a recent training run off Maui's Ho'okipa Beach.

"Americans don't understand that cycling is a team sport. I
could never, ever win the Tour de France without the team.
Never." --Lance Armstrong, page A18