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July 2, 2001 Table Of Contents

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Golf Plus

The Week June 19-25

Somber Slam Karrie Webb's concern over a loved one took the joy out of a historic victory

By John Garrity

Rudy Giuliani The New York City mayor's late-found passion for the game is a case of like son, like father

By Rick Lipsey


By Gary Van Sickle; Ivan Maisel

My Shot The USGA should stop neglecting the old-timers and give us a Senior Women's Open

By Jan Stephenson

Si View

Heavenly Bodies In the spirit of this issue, we check up on the late greats as they play an eternal overtime

By Steve Rushin

SI View The Weeks in TV Sports

By Chris Ballard

Driver Change

By Chris Ballard

Bridget Lobo In her online diary, a WNBA forward takes the liberty of offering offbeat commentary about off-court life

By John O'Keefe


Hubbub Another day, another crisis: As the roiling Red Sox tuned out skipper Jimy Williams, they hung together and clung to first place

By Tom Verducci

Coming Up Short

By David Sabino

Pro Football

Jekyll & Hyde He may be affable off the field, but on it, Saints All-Pro tackle Kyle Turley hasn't won any friends with his style of play

By Josh Elliott


Inside The Week in Sports

Inside Olympics

Inside Olympics

By Tim Layden; Brian Cazeneuve

Inside Baseball

Inside Baseball

By Jeff Pearlman; Mark Bechtel

The Old Warrior Nelson Barrera, 43, is the Mexican League's alltime home run king

By Jeff Pearlman

Inside The NHL

Inside The NHL

By Kostya Kennedy

In The Crease

By Pierre McGuire

Where Are They Now? [bonus Piece]

Mark Fidrych In 1976 the Bird flew into baseball, free of guile, a little bit gullible and absolutely lovable. Twenty-five years later he's the same rare Bird.

By Steve Rushin

The Bad News Bears

By Richard Deitsch

Manute Bol Once the NBA's premier shot blocker, the Sudanese Sultan of Swat has tried to bring peace to his homeland

By Kelli Anderson

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

By Kristin Green Morse

Wahoo McDaniel He was a flamboyant footballer and a wacko wrestler. Now he just hopes to stay alive long enough to raise his son

By Mike Shropshire

The Gatorade Guys Dr. Cade and crew are pouring the huge profits from their invention into various good causes

By John Walters

Mike Reid He's an award-winning songwriter and that's really all you need to know. (Psst: He was four times an All-Pro tackle.)

By Jack McCallum

Dom DiMaggio Having lost his legendary brother, and with his famous old Red Sox teammate in decline, the last of the DiMaggios stands alone

By Michael Bamberger

The Hogs

By Albert Chen

The Fearsome Foursome

By Albert Chen

The Fumble It was one of the great blunders in NFL history. All the Giants had to do was run out the clock. Instead they unleashed a disaster that altered the course of several careers

By Albert Chen

Rick Mount This Indiana schoolboy star flopped as a pro and is only now, at 54, coming to terms with life after hoops

By Tim Layden

Lost + Found Now you're thinking, Gee, whatever happened to...? You may find your answer in here, because we've been looking everywhere

Compiled by Lars Anderson, Mark Beech, Kristi Berner, Trisha Blackmar, Brian Cazeneuve, Albert Chen, Richard Deitsch, Pete McEntegart and Kristin Green Morse

Scales Of Injustice PETA says fish feel pain, and that it's wrong to catch and eat them. I say, pass the tartar sauce.

By Rick Reilly


The Weighting Game Oscar De La Hoya won his fifth title, but vindication may be more elusive

By Richard Hoffer

Gear With this all-weather pool table, you can cue it up in a drought or a monsoon

By Mark Beech

Not Our Cup Of Tea Soccer will never thrive here, the author opines, because it's simply un-American

By Frank Deford

Leading Off



By Tom Verducci; L. Jon Wertheim Edited by Albert Kim and Mark Mravic

Faces in the Crowd

Edited by Albert Kim and Mark Mravic