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In The Crease

Blues first-line winger Keith Tkachuk, who was obtained at the
trade deadline in March and scored only two goals and nine
points in a sluggish postseason, was found to have 16% body fat
in his end-of-season physical. The average NHL player has 10%
body fat. The 6'2", 225-pound Tkachuk is working with a personal
trainer this summer....

Last season Maple Leafs assistant general manager Bill Watters
dismissively said that Devils wing Alexander Mogilny, who was en
route to a 43-goal season, was the classic example of a player
excelling in his walk year. So what does Toronto do six months
later? It signs Mogilny to a four-year, $22 million free-agent

The club that may have improved the most in the off-season is
the Flyers. By re-signing left wing John LeClair, signing
free-agent center Jeremy Roenick and defenseman Eric Weinrich,
and acquiring talented center Jiri Dopita, Philadelphia has
become a strong candidate to dethrone New Jersey in the Eastern

The Coyotes, who missed the playoffs last season, have reduced
ticket prices, and now 21% of their arena's seats are priced at
$12 or less....

In April 2000 Boyd Devereaux, then a 21-year-old center for the
Oilers, suffered a severe concussion that led Edmonton to
suggest that he retire. Devereaux, a first-round draft pick in
1996, resisted, and after signing as a free agent with the Red
Wings in August 2000--the Oilers had released him and doctors
cleared him medically--a tentative Devereaux had only 11 points
in 55 games last season. This summer he is working with a
trainer in Phoenix, and in the last month he has added eight
pounds of muscle, so the 6'2" Devereaux is now 223 pounds.