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Total Shambles My problems with the fans are slightly different from Tiger's

Warming up for a pro-am a couple of weeks ago, I made three
20-footers in a row on the practice green, which clearly
impressed an amateur putting nearby. "Good putts!" he said. I
thanked the man and inquired, "Which pro are you playing with

"Steve Jones," the amateur said before asking, "Who's your pro?"

Later, on the 1st tee, the guy announcing the pros to the crowd
said, "From Irving, Texas, he plays this course very well, he's
always a favorite here, an All-America and winner of two Tour
events--Brandel Chamblee!" The thing is, I've won only once, so
as we walked down the fairway I told my caddie, Jim Freedman,
"Thirty minutes ago I was an amateur. Now I get another win on
the tee." I never stop a starter when he mispronounces my name,
which happens a lot, so I wasn't about to correct someone who
credits me with an extra victory.

The next day I was back on the practice green chipping and had
hit a bunch of good ones when a lady yelled, "That's the way,
Rocco!" On occasion I've been mistaken for Brad Pitt and David
Toms (O.K., not Brad Pitt), but I look nothing like Rocco
Mediate, who has dark hair (and a lot of it). I was annoyed for a
second, but then smiled and waved. At least she knew I was a pro.

Brandel Chamblee is an 11-year veteran of the PGA Tour.