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COLOR PHOTO: PHOTOGRAPH BY DAVID BERGMAN Rising Sons Tokyo Kitasuna players celebrate winning the Little League World Series with two last-inning runs as Apopka, Fla., catcher Will Blankenship unmasks his sorrow (page 62).

EIGHT COLOR PHOTOS: PHOTOGRAPHS BY JOHN BIEVER Ivy Beleaguer Cardinals centerfielder Jim Edmonds has his eye on a fly off the bat of Cub Fred McGriff...and then he doesn't, as the ball gets lost in the Wrigley Field ivy for a ground rule double.

COLOR PHOTO: PHOTOGRAPH BY CALLE TOERNSTROEM/REUTERS Olympic Pins The X-rays at far left show the right leg of double-gold-medal skier Hermann Maier of Austria after it was broken in a motorcycle accident. The X-rays above were made after doctors, who feared that they would have to amputate the leg, operated for seven hours to set the break with a rod and pins.