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A Real Airful A new DVD presents the on-, off- and above-court Michael Jordan (and there's even a quiz)

As of Monday the world was still awaiting Michael Jordan's
decision as to whether he will return to the court this season
with the Wizards. Even if His Airness (below, in 1998) chooses
not to lace 'em up, his fans will be able to see him again in
all his glory with the release next month of Ultimate Jordan
($26.98), a double disk DVD/ROM from USA Home Entertainment and
NBA Entertainment that's a mix of several of Number 23's best
highlight videos and new material. For students of Jordan, the
DVD is nothing short of a full curriculum. The core requirement
is 1989's Come Fly with Me, which explores Jordan at the liftoff
of his career. Behind-the-scenes footage of Jordan hanging out
with his family, neighborhood kids in Chicago and his fellow '92
Olympic Dream Teamers is part of the in-depth examination in
Airtime ('93). Above and Beyond ('96) probes Jordan's first
retirement in '93, his stint playing rightfield for the
Birmingham Barons and his NBA return in '95. His Airness ('99)
is a Jordan seminar that traces his development from childhood
in Wilmington, N.C., through the end of his career with the Bulls.

The DVD also presents Jordan's top 10 dunks (No. 1 is a slam off
a missed free throw in 1992), moves, assists and clutch hoops
(the jumper that won the '98 NBA Finals against the Jazz tops
that list), plus an interactive time line and snippets from MJ's
Nike ads. There's even a quiz, with the questions arranged in
escalating degrees of difficulty labeled Rookie, Champion,
Veteran and Legend--23 (of course!) in each category. If you ace
the Legend level (sample query: What was Michael's favorite
subject in high school?), you might want to think about pursuing
a doctorate.

--John O'Keefe