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SI Adventure


--Chilling Debut
The Discovery Channel World Championship adventure race got off
to a tragic start

--Return of the Hero
Lance Armstrong's first U.S. race in years stirred up a huge crowd

--Good Friday
With her gymnast's training, Dallas Friday has vaulted to
wakeboarding stardom

--Inside Out
The first transatlantic kayak voyage, the dirty business of bog
snorkeling and more news

--Murphy's Law
Is shark mania a tempest in a chum bucket? Depends on whom you ask

COLOR PHOTO: PHOTOGRAPH BY BOB MARTIN Cutting the lawn Italy's Riccardo Lorenzone kicks some serious grass in the men's giant slalom during last weekend's World Grass Skiing Championships in Forni di Sopra.

"I've never been so hypothermic. I had to warm up for an hour
before I even reached the stage of uncontrollable shivering."
--Cathy Sassin, page A4