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Total Shambles I missed the hockey game but was there when a star was born

There was an all-star hockey game featuring Wayne Gretzky and
Mario Lemieux in Toronto the week of the 1992 Canadian Open, and
since I'd never seen a hockey game in person, I decided to go.
Driving downtown, I found a big stadium with a bunch of people
milling around outside, so I pulled up to a guy holding tickets
and said, "I want the best seats you've got." He said O.K., $240.
"What's that come to, $10 American?" I said, making a big joke. I
parked, went in, sat down and...discovered that I had bought
tickets to a Toronto Argonauts Canadian Football League game.

I was really P.O.'d, but I damn sure wasn't going to leave after
coughing up that much dough, so I watched the stupid game. (Who
stole fourth down?) The guys running the scoreboard were having
fun panning the stands with a camera, and when they found a
stunning blonde in the crowd, they kept putting her on the
stadium screen. I later learned that she was Pamela Anderson and
that she was discovered that night by a Hollywood type who
happened to be an Argos fan. The game stunk, but it would've been
worth the $240 if I'd bought the seat next to her.

Brandel Chamblee is an 11-year veteran of the PGA Tour.