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Trivial Matters


The Panthers' shocking 24-13 victory over the Vikings on Sunday
was Carolina's first opening-day win since 1996, and it snapped
the NFL's longest Week 1 losing streak at four games. Which team
has the longest active winning streak in season openers?

a. Raiders
b. Jaguars
c. Dolphins
d. Buccaneers


The Cowboys' Emmitt Smith ran for 40 yards against the Bucs on
Sunday, giving him 15,206 career yards and leaving him 1,520 shy
of Walter Payton's alltime rushing record. Now in his 12th
season, Smith has led Dallas in rushing every year of his
career. In fact, since 1977 only three other players have led
the Cowboys in rushing. Who are they?

Match the following rookies with the colleges they attended:

1. Jason Brookins a. North Carolina
Ravens, RB
2. Bill Gramatica b. Pittsburgh
Cardinals, K
3. Alge Crumpler c. South Florida
Falcons, TE
4. Kevan Barlow d. Lane College
49ers, RB

Put these NFL quarterbacks in order of career starts from most
to fewest.

a. Randall Cunningham
b. Vinny Testaverde
c. Brett Favre
d. Jeff George


FLYING START: c. The Dolphins. Miami has won its season opener
every year since 1992.

TEXAS HEAT: Tony Dorsett (1977-86), Herschel Walker (1987-88),
Paul Palmer (1989).

THIS WEEK'S MATCHUP: 1. d; 2. c; 3. a; 4. b

CALL TO ORDER: 1. Testaverde (163); 2. Favre (142); 3. Cunningham
(133); 4. George (123)