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My Shot Even before I became Mr. 58, I was known as the Luckiest Man in Golf

My wife, Tewana, says we'll never win the lottery because I've
used up all our luck, but I say, au contraire. I feel our chances
are pretty darn good because I'll always be golf's luckiest man.

You may have heard that on Sept. 16, I shot a 13-under 58 in the
final round of the Canadian tour's Bayer Championship at Huron
Oaks Golf Club in Sarnia, Ont. I not only won the tournament
(making up a three-stroke deficit) but also became the first
player to break 59 in a pro event. What you may not know is how I
turned pro. In 1992, while a sophomore at Alabama, I was playing
in a charity fund-raiser in Tuscaloosa when I made a hole in one
worth $1 million. I dropped my amateur status and golf
scholarship on the spot. Who wouldn't for that kind of money?

I don't carry lucky charms, but I am superstitious about my ball.
I always use one with the number 3 on it because that's what I
was playing when I made the hole in one.

The 58 at Huron Oaks was no fluke--the course is 6,407
yards--but I did get a few breaks. I made five birdies and two
eagles on the first seven holes and turned in 26. My parents,
who live in Mifflinburg, Pa., were there to watch me play for
the first time this year and didn't say a word for fear of
jinxing me. I was 11 under on the 16th, a par-4, on which I
missed the green and had a difficult chip. As I was getting
ready to play the shot, I heard my mom say, "Don't worry. It's
only a challenge." When I chipped in for birdie, I knew Lady
Luck was smiling on me again.

I've had a lot of other good things happen to me over the years.
As a kid I found a $5 bill on the sidewalk as I was walking home
from school. I've never gotten a speeding ticket, although I've
been stopped a few times, and I've made a couple more aces since
the big one in '92. The only place where I seem to run out of
luck is at the PGA Tour Q school. In four tries I've never
reached the final stage. Maybe number five will be the charm.

Bohn, 28, finished third on the Canadian tour money list.