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Heisman Hypes To give their candidates a leg up, websites offer everything from touchdowns to screen savers

In the competition for the Heisman Trophy, what a player
accomplishes on the field is only half the battle. The other half
is the promotional effort, which now includes getting the word
out on the Web--where, on, you can support the
candidate of your choice. (The online poll's winner will receive
one vote among the 922 eligible to be cast in the real Heisman
balloting.) Here, in alphabetical order, are five of the best
sites touting contenders. This no-frills site has a page devoted
to the Fresno State quarterback, his wife, Melody, and their
year-old son, Austin, as well as an attractive, downloadable
screen saver. Titled "Woodrow
Dantzler: A Man with a Plan," the link on Clemson's site includes
a photo album with a shot of the quarterback playing with kids at
a YMCA. A link plugs running back DeShaun Foster (right),
whose video promos include a well-cut midseason highlight reel. This interactive site is almost as extravagant
as the 100-foot billboard posted by the Oregon quarterback's
supporters in midtown Manhattan. You can click on a full-length
photo and learn Harrington's vital statistics. For example,
clicking on his right thigh elicits the information that
Harrington squatted 410 pounds last spring. The slickest sell is
a three-minute video celebrating the Ducks' star on and off the
field. In this unauthorized site boosting the Toledo
running back, Web designer Joe Power has a Flash intro
emphasizing the word UNSTOPPABLE and a straightforward layout
featuring statistics, photos and scrolling quotes, such as the
one from Marshall coach Bob Pruett: "He's got speed, he's got
moves, he'll run over you, he'll run around you."

--John O'Keefe