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Something Extra SI's e-mail newsletter tells the story behind the story

While attending a friend's wedding reception this summer in Chevy
Chase, Md., senior editor Greg Kelly found himself at the same
table with Riki Ellison, the former San Francisco 49ers and Los
Angeles Raiders linebacker and the football coach at T.C.
Williams High in Alexandria, Va., which served as the inspiration
for the movie Remember the Titans. After learning that the
program had fallen on hard times, Kelly saw the potential for a
story and passed along the details to senior writer Tim Layden,
who ended up writing a feature on the struggles of the modern-day
Titans (SI, Oct. 15).

"On the whole the players from the 1971 team felt that the movie
got it right," Layden says. "It really was a racially balanced
team that helped bring the community together. Plus, the old
players are excited that they've been made into celebrities in
their middle age, something none of them expected. As for what's
going on today, nearly everybody was speaking from one political
angle or another, so you really had to look around corners and
piece things together to find out the truth."

If you're an SI subscriber who's interested in this kind of
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writers, what we're looking for is the juicy stuff that we would
tell our friends if we had written that story ourselves," says
reporter Pete McEntegart, one of SI Extra's writers. "Often it's
that great anecdote that doesn't fit in the story but the writer
is just dying to tell someone."

To keep SI Extra as up-to-date as possible, it's written, edited
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Extra kicks off with MORNING CALL, our take on a late-breaking
game from the previous night. Other features include SI TIME
CAPSULE, in which the clock is turned back for a look at an SI
cover story from yesteryear, and GAME OF THE DAY, which
highlights the best sporting event to catch on TV that night. SI
Extra readers can even e-mail a question to an SI writer to be
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The demand for SI Extra has grown steadily since it debuted in
January with 11,000 subscribers. This week it will go out to
about 150,000 readers. If you're an SI subscriber, you can sign
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follow the easy instructions and your first e-mail should arrive
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Bill Colson, Managing Editor

SI Extra is a perfect--and cost-free--way for subscribers to
stay in touch with the magazine between issues.