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Heisman Hopefuls

The Heisman Trophy was originally called the Downtown Athletic
Club Trophy. It was renamed in 1936 to honor John Heisman, the
club's first athletic director. Heisman coached football from
1892 to 1927 at eight colleges and was on the winning end of the
most lopsided game in college football history, Georgia Tech's
222-0 drubbing of Cumberland in 1916. At which of the following
schools did Heisman not coach?

a. Akron b. Army
c. Penn d. Rice

The trophy has been awarded 66 times, to players from 36
colleges. Notre Dame has had the most winners (seven), while
Ohio State ranks second (six). What's the only school that has
produced a winner but now doesn't have a Division I football

Pair the Heisman Trophy runner-up in the left column with the
player who beat him out for the award that year.

1. Herschel Walker a. Herschel Walker
2. Billy Sims b. Marcus Allen
3. Steve Young c. Mike Rozier
4. John Elway d. Charles White

Place these Heisman winners in order of career games played in
the NFL.

a. Bo Jackson b. Johnny Rodgers
c. Rashaan Salaam d. Pat Sullivan


THE PATRIARCH: b. In addition to Georgia Tech, Heisman coached
at Akron, Auburn, Clemson, Oberlin, Penn, Rice, and Washington &

MISSING IN ACTION: Jay Berwanger, the award's first recipient,
in 1935, played for the University of Chicago, which dropped
football in '39 but brought it back as a Division III program in

THIS WEEK'S MATCHUP: 1. b (1981); 2. d ('79); 3. c ('83); 4. a

CALL TO ORDER: 1. Jackson (38 games); 2. Salaam (31); 3. Sullivan
(30); 4. Rodgers (17)