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SI Adventure


It's a Jungle Out There
A U.S. rider nearly pulled out victory at the torturous La Ruta
bike race

Slippery Slopes
U.S. skiers crashed and cried at the women's World Cup slalom in Colorado

The One and Only
Kris Holm is taking unicycling out of the big top and onto the

The Fugitive
For 23 years famed freestyle skier Michael Lund lived another
life--then he got caught

Inside Out
Cyclocross's explosive brother tandem, New Zealand's relentless
rowing duo and more news

Murphy's Law
The author unloads his backpack of adventure-related highlights
from 2001

COLOR PHOTO: PHOTOGRAPH BY JULIAN HERBERT/ALLSPORT MUD IN YOUR EYE Things got a little sticky for competitors--and one photographer--at last month's annual Beach Motor Cross, held on the sands at Weston-super-Mare off England's southwest coast.

"A few months ago, an e-mail started circulating around our
group. It said: 'They caught the Gull!'"
--Stanley Larsen, page A14