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Want To Do Skateboarding Tricks On The White Stuff? The Snowskate Is The Way To Go


Snow Fun

Want to do some shredding when your favorite skateboard spot is
covered in snow? Ever fantasized about blasting air on your
local sled hill? The Premier Snowskate ($59 to $99, depending on
which of the three models you choose) combines the design of the
skateboard and that of the snowboard to allow riders to perform
skateboarding tricks on the white stuff. Snowskates differ from
snowboards in several key ways: They are smaller, they have no
bindings, and instead of being ridden on skilike edges, they are
meant to be ridden on their channeled base, which keeps them
from sliding laterally. Consequently, they're for tricks on
small hills, not for long runs down groomed slopes. You can use
them on a golf course or in your backyard. Premier Snowskates,